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What is this marine engine governor?

This is an electro hydraulic remote system which are been attached to the engine fuel rack, to control or regulate the engine RPM (speed).
As the name appears or using local word, this system governor’s the fuel pumps on the amount of fuel been supply to the fuel valves, base on the set limits.

Types of marine engine governors

Governors which you may find on marine engines are of three major types :
  • Electronic governor
  • Hydraulic
  • Electro-hydraulic
Following the above listed types of governors; presently in about 85% of ships around the world, you may find the electro hydraulic governors.
They are popularly use because of there easy to maintain, compartment and smooth operating of the fuel racks.

Complete Governors

We can offer new or reconditioned governors.
Reconditioned governors are built to new specifications using new seals, gaskets, bearings, springs etc. Final assemblies are fully tested In-House.
Where possible, service exchange units will be supplied in order to reduce expensive downtime.

WOODWARD Marine Governor
UG 40 D

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